About Steven

About Steven:

Born and raised in Pembroke Ontario – in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, Magician Steven Anthony services the Renfrew County and beyond. Steven has been wowing audiences for over 15 years and is Ottawa’s foremost professional magician. After graduating high school, Steven went on to attend Dawson College’s acclaimed DOME Professional Theatre Program in Montreal, Quebec. He currently resides in the Ottawa Valley performing nearly 100 shows a year. 

The Magic:

Because of his broad spectrum of services, Magician Steven Anthony has entertained in almost every venue possible; from restaurants & malls to schools and fairs, to weddings & baby showers, retirement residences, birthday parties & anniversaries, theatres, hospitals, and more. Steven has been known to 

Steven Anthony performs can tailor his performances to include sleight-of-hand

make birds appear from flashes of fire, levitate a random spectator, read minds, produce live goldfish from his bare hands and so much more.

Steven’s show’s have been described as “a great mixture of comedy and dramatic magic that’s both exciting and mind blowing”.

Steven’s sense of comedic timing is second to none and will have your guests laughing-out-loud. For over 15 years, magician Steven Anthony has been providing first class entertainment to the Ottawa Valley and beyond, performing nearly 100 shows per year. Why settle for the rest, when you can have the best: Magician Steven Anthony!